San Francisco History

In the history of the different leadership’s of the town, from Sulangan being a bario to the Town of San Francisco, the following held the honor of being the Cabeza de 
Barangay (as of the record stipulated in the letter of petition dated February 23, 1852), namely: Felipe Estrera (Cabeza de Barangay), Balbeno Muaña (Cabeza de Barangay), 
Domingo Barreda (Cabeza de Barangay), Narciso Formentera (Cabeza de Barangay), Boloño Luchavez (Cabeza de Barangay), Bernardo Gonzaga (Cabeza de Barangay), 
Macario Muaña (Cabeza de Barangay). 
The aforementioned leaders were followed by Apolonio Navarro, Paulino Luchavez, Simeon Olofernes, Cepriano Arquillano, Margarito Arquillano, Sr., Macario Parama, 
Nemesio Boragay, Dionisio Maranga, and Narciso Parama who held the honors as Capitan. 
Three persons held the honors of having served as Presidente, namely: Narciso Parama, Lucio Arquillano, and Eusebio Formentera. 
Those who held the honors and were elected as Municipal Mayors are Ricardo L. Maningo who was followed by his son Margarito N. Maningo, then Abel P. Borromeo. 
Margarito N. Maningo again made it in the history of politics as he had beaten Borromeo in the elections, then was succeeded by his Vice Mayor Elena P. Maningo since 
Margarito N. Maningo was removed from the office as he was convicted of the cases filed against him. Although he appealed his cases in the higher courts and was 
granted absolute and unconditional pardon by former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, and thus was issued an order by the MLGCD now DILG to return to office, still he 
was not able to consider the strong forces of politics in the Camotes Islands. After the 1st EDSA Revolution, Silvino D. Limosnero acted as OIC-Municipal Mayor in 1985 after 
the EDSA Revolution, then right after his filing of his certificate of candidacy as municipal mayor for the 1988 elections, Lorenzo C. Tanza acted as the next OIC-Municipal 
Mayor until January 1988. Alfredo S. Arquillano, Sr. then won as Municipal Mayor during the 1988 elections and started his administration on February 1988, but he was not 
able to finish his 1st term for he died on August 28, 1991. He was succeeded by Vice Mayor Luciano L. Arias from August 29, 1991 until June 30, 1992. After the 1992 elections, 
Aly A. Arquillano, the son of Alfredo S. Arquillano, Sr. had won and was seated as municipal mayor. Aly A. Arquillano had his three terms or nine (9) years as mayor from July 
1, 1992 up to June 30, 2001, and then he was followed by his elder brother Alfredo A. Arquillano, Jr. on July 1, 2001 up to June 30, 2010, and then came back Aly A. Arquillano 
on July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2019. Again, Alfredo A. Arquillano came back as Mayor from July 1, 2019 up to present